Art in Villa


Also this year the Historical House Villa Anna Maria De Lanfranchi, situated in the Centre of Molina di Quosa, opens the gates for a series of events, among which the most important is a group show by contemporary artists of the region. The Villa provides authors some internal and external spaces to exhibit their works. The collective, organized with "the crazies" ( will present Miroslava Hajek (, historian and art critic, curator of the international archives of Bruno Munari and Romolo Romani and "exibitions" by Marco Bagnoli, Franco Vaccari, Vladimir Skoda and Karl Prantl.
The evening before the Feast, Saturday 19 October, from 19.00 onwards, there will be a buffet for the inauguration of the collective, the occasion of meeting between artists and Miroslava Hajek.
The Villa also intends to offer hospitality to local artists, organizing, collective exhibitions and temporary installations.